What We Do

The Gathering Group exists to revolutionize live events.

In an era of online social media engagement, The Gathering Group seizes the opportunities in offline social experiences, creating large-scale live events. With each event the team integrates technology to inspire and invent authentic, unforgettable, in-person experiences. Our home base, Chicago, is the perfect backdrop to host magical events. We have created multiple brands, showcased on our events page, during our first operating year. These events draw together diverse groups of people by the thousands to celebrate and witness the collaboration of music and technology. The Gathering Group takes on projects big and small and ensures that each event is scalable and flawlessly produced. Our strategic partnerships with sponsors, venues, talent agencies and more allows us to showcase and collaborate with important players in the live event industry.

How We Do It

Each event platform we build harnesses three competitive advantages.


Building a framework for an event

Create a great idea, fund its development, allocate creative resources, put the details on paper, then project the growth of the event


Building an invested community

Identify a fun group with common interests, acquire media tools, build engagement, gather insights from new customers, then refine our strategy


Delivering a unique event

Design the look and feel of the experience, source all event elements, partner with great names, bring everything to life, then collect feedback to bring new and better experiences


Our experienced team is passionate about creating memorable events.

We focus on building our portfolio of events and scaling each festival brand year after year. We implement new ideas and technologies into our work and are always striving to expand our areas of expertise.