Top 8 Summer Music Festivals

We at TGG love visiting music festivals almost as much as we love hosting them. Not only are we down for smooth sounds and exuberant crowds in crazy costumes, but we like to think that we learn a little something from every festival we attend. When something blows us away, we take note and use that experience to make our own productions even cooler. We aren’t just festival attendees, we’re becoming festival experts.

Based on our “research” (which may have occasionally involved glowsticks, flower crowns, and short shorts), we’ve compiled our official Summer Festival Wishlist ​for the scenes we hope to hit this summer. Let us know which one’s you’ll be joining us at!

In no particular order…

1. Coachella:
The Valley accesses some of the finest vineyards, technology, makeup artists, yogis, and musicians in the country. So it’s approximately zero percent surprising that such a magical place has given birth to one of the most highly anticipated festivals of the summer.We’re particularly excited for the Bad Dancing Competition and the JBL Epic Pool Party. coachella

2. Bonnaroo:
Definitely a 10 on our scale, this Tennessee festival places positivity at the center of everything it does, from its Works Fund to its Save the Planet Initiative. An educational Positivity Park educates attendees about reducing their carbon footprint, and the Refill Revolution rewards attendees for reusing their cups and bottles.Music, art, and civic consciousness? We’re in.bonnaroo

3. Hangout Festival:
Beach bums unite in Gulf Shores, Alabama for tropical sands and trending sounds. It’s central gem, the Malibu Beach House, isn’t your childhood Barbie’s Malibu Beach House. Unless your Malibu Barbie used to chill with Sam Smith.Any event that includes crowd­-surfacing giant rubber ducks is an event we want to be at.hangoutfest

4. Lollapalooza:
Affectionately known here in Chicago as “Lolla,” this festival has been a musical rite of passage for Chicago youth practically since its inception. Grant Park is a favorite summer spot for daydreamers and artists anyway–­­locals know it’s a prime place to catch free entertainment from the nobody’s who’ll be tomorrow’s stars.Appropriately, Lolla recognizes the dreamers who fought their way to fame. In fact, Lolla has become such a universal stamp of approval to the best bands available that it has spread across the globe, with Lollas in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Germany.lollapalooza

5. Governor’s Ball:
The Big Apple throws one of the more family­friendly fests on our list, admitting children under age 5 for free and offering face paints, lawn games, and a family­-friendly “Sober Ball” section.The Governor’s Ball exudes breezy humor and chill, artistic vibes. We’re pumped for the urban art installations and silent disco.governor'sball

6. Firefly Music Festival:
For an exquisite bite of New England, head to Firefly. If you’ve never experienced a concert in the woods, put Firefly at the top of your bucket list right now. Somewhere between the trees, outdoor markets, and hammocks, you’ll leave worry behind.This festival partners with Dogfish Head brewery to pair the best in pop music with an artisanal ale flavor that Bostonians cannot resist (having briefly lived out East, I can attest to the insane fandom surrounding this brew–­­do not mess with Dogfish Head).Firefly

7. Outside Lands:
Each summer, San Fran rolls out its best in music, art, comedy, and something known as “gastromagic” (a delightful combo of delicious food and dazzling magic). Outside Lands is a truly eclectic festival that has a little something for everybody.With heavy­-hitting headliners and breathtaking natural attractions surrounding the site, we can’t think of a good reason not to be there.outsidelands

8. Ultra:
Ultra fuses electric Miami culture with outstanding musical performances. Even cooler, the festival harnesses its acclaim as a top festival destination to draw attention to worthy non­-profits at its Eco Village.We can’t wait to see sparks fly with EDM at the Bayfront Park.ultrafestival

There you have it. You know our favorites. Now go discover yours.