07 Apr 2015

It’s Spring Break! Tune in and turn up with our playlist

Tarps are coming off of public statues, water fountains are turning back on, the storefront window displays are dotted in pastels and neons, and I killed my first mosquito yesterday. It’s official: Spring has arrived in Chicago. Whether you’re celebrating here in the Windy City with us, revelling on a beach somewhere, or in bed uploading your Spring Break pics to the interwebs, your spring deserves an anthem. Our ears are sleepy from hearing the same winter favorites on repeat– […]

27 Mar 2015

Top 8 Summer Music Festivals

We at TGG love visiting music festivals almost as much as we love hosting them. Not only are we down for smooth sounds and exuberant crowds in crazy costumes, but we like to think that we learn a little something from every festival we attend. When something blows us away, we take note and use that experience to make our own productions even cooler. We aren’t just festival attendees, we’re becoming festival experts. Based on our “research” (which may have […]

30 Jan 2015

Meet The Gathering Group’s Eyes Behind the Brand : Jazzie Bernabe

Q. Where are you from? I grew up in Plainfield, IL- a southwest suburb about 40 minutes from Chicago. Q. Who is your favorite musical artist/group? It’s difficult for me to pick just one artist or group since I listen to such a wide variety of music. My favorites constantly change from day to day based on the kind of mood I’m in or the current weather. However, I will say that I have seen Ed Sheeran in concert three […]

23 Jan 2015

Meet The Gathering Group’s Tallest Teammate: Thomas Dawson

Q. Where are you from? Originally I am from a town just north of London, England called Welwyn Garden City. I moved to Bronxville, NY when I was 8 and had been there until very recently. Q. Who is your favorite musical artist/group? I’m not sure I can narrow it down to just one; I listen to almost anything and everything. I’ll give a shout out to Ty Segall because I have been listening to his album Manipulator non-stop recently. […]

07 Jan 2015

The Gathering Group kicks off a new year

There is no doubt that 2014 was an incredible year for The Gathering Group! We are so proud of everything that we have accomplished, and are excited about what 2015 will bring. The last year has been a blast and we have accomplished a ton. Looking back, we’re proud to have produced some incredible events, starting with our summertime outdoor music festival, Future Sound. Taking place on the South Drive at the Merchandise Mart, the event featured top artists Eric […]

23 Dec 2014

Celebrate with The Gathering Group’s Holiday Playlist

Winter has officially arrived at The Gathering Group’s headquarters here in Chicago. If you are from the area, you know the city can start to resemble a frozen tundra, but the frosty temperatures and cloudy skies don’t have to get you down! To help keep your spirits high, we have curated a playlist that’ll get you dancing and keep your warm through the long stretch of winter weather. From deep house cuts to groovy electro-funk, this handpicked collection has something […]

18 Dec 2014

Meet The Gathering Group’s Newest Employee and Festival Goer: Hannah Ehrlich

Q. Where are you from? I grew up in Danville, Illinois notoriously known for being the hometown of Dick Van Dyke, Jerry Van Dyke, Gene Hackman, Bobby Short, and Irving Azoff. Q. Who is your favorite musical artist/group? Hard question! I thoroughly enjoy a variety of genres with the exception of country music. I love Tony Bennett to Phish to Chromeo to Flume to Sam Smith to alt-J to Arctic Monkeys to Gaga. I really do not have a favorite; […]

09 Dec 2014

Meet The Gathering Group’s Youngest Music Guru: Sam Johnson

  Q. Where are you from? I’m originally from the Indianapolis area but I’ve spent most of my life in Valparaiso, Indiana. Most people give me a funny look when I say Valparaiso, so I just say it’s about an hour South from Chicago. Q. Who is your favorite musical artist/group? That’s a huge question, especially with all the different genres of music that I enjoy! I’m going to cheat and give two answers. When it comes to electronic music […]

25 Nov 2014

Thanksgiving Jams from The Gathering Group

It’s that time of year again – the leaves have changed colors, kitchens across the country smell of turkey and stuffing, and here at The Gathering Group, we are reminded of the things that we’re thankful for. We have a long list that includes great events like Future Sound and Afterburn in our recent past, not to mention meeting all of our fellow music fans! Speaking of which, we’re also thankful for the incredible new music that has been released […]

18 Nov 2014

Meet The Gathering Group’s Force Behind The Scenes: Sam Ide

Q. Where are you from? To people from outside of Chicago I say that I am from Chicago, but I’m actually from the southwest suburb of Naperville, and went to college up in Evanston. Q. Who is your favorite musical artist/group? I definitely go through trends so it’s hard to say a favorite, but I’ve been listening to Oliver Heldens a lot lately. He’s this 19 year old Dutch kid who got signed when he was 17 and has been […]

11 Nov 2014

Sharing Our Mission

Given that the year is winding down, I think it’s the perfect time to reflect on the past year and share a few thoughts with all of you who share our love of the music and event industry. Just as our name would imply, The Gathering Group is all about incredible gatherings that bring a diverse and unique group of people together to enjoy something that is universally understood: Music. The entire team here at TGG is passionate about music […]

24 Oct 2014

Future Sound 2014 Recap

Watch the recap video for Future Sound 2014!  

08 Oct 2013

Calvin Harris Live at American Junkie 2013

Watch Calvin Harris’s live performance at American Junkie for TechWeek Chicago’s After Hours.   Official Calvin Harris @ American Junkie Video from American Junkie Chicago on Vimeo.

08 Oct 2013

Morgan Page MPP3D Experience

Check out this video of the Morgan Page MPP3D Experience.  This groundbreaking concert experience was featured at Future Sound Music Festival 2014 held outside the Merchandise Mart on Chicago’s South Drive.  

07 Oct 2013

Offical Video for St. Lucia’s “Elevate”

St. Lucia – “Elevate” from NORTON director on Vimeo.