The Gathering Group and Redmoon present Afterburn, The official after party of The Great Chicago Fire Festival. The event showcases house music in a warehouse venue while remembering this genre of electronic dance music’s roots in our hometown. Afterburn will take you back to the early 1980’s when Frankie Knuckles was spinning at The Warehouse and house music was just starting to gain popularity.


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The Warehouse, a Chicago nightclub established in 1977, is the venue that gave house music its name and became the exclusive place to hear this new style of music. Afterburn’s warehouse venue will pay homage to the birthplace of house.


Many different artists helped establish the house music scene in chicago, the most famous among them being the legendary “Godfather of House”, Frankie Knuckles. Afterburn will showcase the Chicago DJ’s keeping house music alive today.

Highlights from Last Year's Show

The Great Chicago Fire Festival

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Photo credits: The Warehouse- Jacob Arnold, Redmoon Venue- Redmoon, Chicago 1980's bus- David Wilson, Warehouse partiers with streamers- unknown, Frankie Knuckles and Robert Williams- Robert Williams, Records- CC, Frankie Knuckles- unknown, DJ Turntables- CC BY